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Delta Remodeling is the premier boutique remodeling business. Our company was started in 1987 and we provide services to the Northern Chicagoland, The Northern Chicago Suburbs, and the North Shore. Our bathroom remodeling Lake Bluff company is committed to providing great expertise that comes with continuous quality dealing with craftsmanship. Our remodeling contractors Lake Bluff also have a deep focus on customer service as it is the core of our business. 

If you want more information about our company check out our websites as they have a great display of details regarding our services. We display photos, descriptions, and customer reviews that have been associated with the projects our company has completed in the past. Our bathroom renovations Lake Bluff agents are standing by to answer any question you have regarding our process and they are also available to come to your residence and examine your home giving you a free estimate to go off of for future services. Thank you for your interest in our company and we are looking forward to working with you soon. 

Project Design and Management
We have been in business for more than 30 years providing our customers with experienced bathroom contractors Lake Bluff that focus on project designs as well as management services. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Lake Bluff stay with you throughout the entire process and make sure you get the results you are looking for. Our services include:
– Initial design and consultation that is based on you particular needs, desires, and style goals you have for your project
– Detailed project planning and expert opinion on the material selection process
– Continuous communication for the duration of your project from start to finish

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DELTA Remodeling – More than 30 years of Experience in multiple fields including
Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovations Lake Bluff

One of the most important aspects of your renovation process and considered the best way to get the most out of our services is to have bathroom remodel companies Lake Bluff perform your home renovations. We are experienced in helping customers achieve the dream home results they seek through proper planning and delivering home bathroom makeovers Lake Bluff that our customers can be proud of. 

We are constantly waiting for our clients to consult with us on their projects so that we can give them the highest quality standards that they deserve. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, we consistently go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our clients when it comes to bathroom renovations in Lake Bluff.

No matter what idea you have in mind whether that be a small bathroom remodel Lake Bluff or larger one we give you high standard services that make your bathroom remodel Lake Bluff look better than ever before while providing you with all the details you wish to incorporate into your design.

One thing that separates our remodeling companies Lake Bluff from the competition is that our agents are here for you every step of the way and guarantee the best materials available to upgrade any design idea you have into the fabulous dream solution that you crave. We are the premier bath remodel Lake Bluff company.



Our team makes sure to cover every base when it comes to your bathroom remodel from bathroom remodel cost Lake Bluff to the planning stages to the final product. We are skilled at doing a variety of jobs like walls, floors, and adding space for storage. We can also replace your shower or bath tub as well as give you unique mirror designs that you only see on TV. 


We upgrade your kitchen to it’s most modern look and your style and aesthetic choice on full display while not compromising functionality in the process. No matter if you have a job that requires very tedious work or a simple design option we are able to finish everything for you in a good time frame so you don’t have to. 


Our living room remodeling operation is keyed around providing an amazing experience for you and your family. From planning to the implementation stage we are in your corner to help you with any questions you may have and work on your project in the most efficient way possible. 


One of the strongest services we provide is basement finishing and this goes for any size or shape that you have. Our contractors can customize your space based on exactly how you want it while keeping the costs within your budget. We put safety first in our process and this allows us to give you the functionality you need to go about your everyday life with an attractive and appealing basement. 


Our professional painters are masters of their craft and are good for both residential and commercial properties. Rather it's your kitchen, bedroom, or any other room within your home, we have the painters for the job that are willing and committed to giving you the solution that you dream of.


3D design is another one of the best services we provide. We give you results that are ideal for converting your existing space into a structure that uses 3D in a realistic way. We guarantee you will love the results you get when our contractors use their experience and knowledge of a vast amount of design options to exceed your home expectations. 

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Improve your bathrooms look, feel, and functionality by choosing our company to help you in this process. Our contractors are experts that can give you beautiful and functional results that increase the value of your home. Look at our gallery and check out some of the past jobs we have done to see how we approach both small and large projects to get an idea of what exactly you may want us to perform for your bathroom renovation.

Delta Remodeling provides Professional Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom Renovations & Bathroom Design
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If you are in the market for home renovations and in need of a professional contractor that you can depend on to get the job done the right way, contacting Delta remodeling is your best option for anything home ideas you may have in Lake Bluff and the surrounding local area.

We are the good folks of the Delta Remodeling company and we are skilled and transforming your bathroom into a thing of beauty, making it more efficient and function for you and your family going forward. You will never see your bathroom in the same way again.

Delta Remodeling is the company you should choose to help you realize the potential of your existing bathroom with renovations that are sure to please you and your guests. We are experts at maximizing your bathroom space and giving you a more functional design that is trendy and good looking.

Why choose Delta Remodeling as your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor? 

Delta Remodeling has been at the very top of the remodeling hierarchy for more than 30 years in the Lake Bluff area. Check out some of the reasons why.

Years of Experience

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry our contractors have seen every job available and have mastered their craft to provide consistent solutions that our customers enjoy. 


Giving you valuable advice from a professional along with hearing you out and taking all of your ideas into account is what makes our contractors special. We are experts at bringing out the best in your home. 

Clarity in Communication

At our remodeling company we are transparent with every aspect of our projects meaning no unwanted surprises regarding price or materials. We stay with you throughout the entire process giving you an expert working side by side with you. Delta Remodeling is the top choice among other bathroom remodeling companies in Lake Bluff. 

Quality Material

We only use the best materials available for our projects that ensure that you get quality solutions every time you choose to work with us. Our results are appealing and are sure to stand the test of time.