Shower Accessibility for Seniors and Disability

For clients who need additional safety and accessibility in their showers we offer a variety of solutions.

If you have an existing bathtub we can convert it into a small but highly accessible shower. We can build a custom shower base with a linear drain and a nice comfortable bench. Linear drains are installed next to the wall so you don’t have to stand on a cold metal drain during your shower. Solid tile shower benches give you a safe, comfortable sitting place so you can take your time and peacefully shower without risk of slipping or fatigue. An extra hand-shower option allows you to control the water flow for added personal comfort and convenience.

Large niches are additional features that we can install to provide safe and easy storage for all your shower items and accessories. We can also install grab bars in various positions to give you maximum support when you’re getting in and out of the shower. Towel bars and hooks can be mounted on special shower doors to make sure you can easily access your towels and clothing without having to leave the shower area.

For those who need maximum shower accessibility we can build zero-threshold shower bases that eliminate any barrier between the shower and bathroom floor. This allows you to enter the shower without stepping over anything or while using a wheelchair. We can also install fixed glass panel showers with permanent door-less openings to allow easy entry and exit without any discomfort.