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Accessible Bathrooms – Remodeling and Installation

Being a caregiver for someone with special needs can create a special bond but it can also be a tremendous challenge. Whether it’s a difficulty from birth, an accident, a medical issue that caused the loss of certain capacities, or a family member declining in health as they age, it takes specialized handicap remodeling contractors to help ease the burden for the individual in need and the caregiver.

At Delta Remodeling, we can help you cope with these challenges by connecting you with handicap bathroom remodel contractors in your area who are accustomed to providing those much-needed resources, are knowledgeable about state and local building codes, and are familiar with the subtleties of conditioning a home suit the needs of those who will live in it. When handling your project, your handicap remodeling contractors consult with everyone affected to best develop solutions to overcome your everyday challenges. The goal is always to ensure those with special needs can live as independently as possible with dignity in their own homes. Delta Remodeling is proud to help relieve the stress during the early stages of the process through specialized handicap bathroom renovations and more.

This type of home renovation takes great planning and care. That means widening doors, making all the floors flush in entryways, making toilets and showers more accessible, and even making adjustments in the kitchen. Multi-story homes usually require significant renovations to include stairway lifts or an elevator installation. For those caring for a disabled individual, handicap remodeling contractors can make a huge difference.

Widening Doorways to Accommodate Wheelchair Accessibility

Most homes are not equipped to handle a wheelchair, with narrow halls and doorways posing obstacles. Handicap bathroom remodeling contractors can widen doorways to allow for wheelchair access and turning space. Your doors should swing out of the room, counter to conventional construction. Where these accommodations are not possible, pocket doors may be a good solution.

Grab Bars & Railing Installation

There are various locations throughout a home where the proper grab bars can offer independence to the disabled. These include placement near toilets, bathtubs, showers, and anywhere that a wheelchair will not be in immediate use. Find the help you need to determine where these assistive devices should go and how to determine the best hardware through our handicap remodeling contractors.

Lowered Counters

Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, counter height is important for someone in a wheelchair. It takes planning to provide the proper height, knee clearance, and floor space.

Roll-In Showers & Walk-In Showers

There are a variety of solutions to provide the correct shower or tub entry in a bathroom remodeling for handicap accessibility. A roll-in shower means there is no barrier on the tile between the bathroom floor and the shower area, allowing a wheelchair direct access. Meanwhile, a walk-in shower has a raised barrier to step over.

Accessible toilets

Our handicap accessible toilets adhere to ADA standards and are wheelchair-height. We offer a number of styles and specialty accessories for a genuinely custom toilet.

Roll-under sinks

Our roll-under sink options make sure that each surface of your bathroom is useable and wheelchair accessible.

SuperPole Systems

A floor-to-ceiling grab bar is installed using pressure between the ceiling and the floor, making a SuperPole System the ideal solution for anyone who needs assistance with standing, transferring or moving.

Shower and commode chairs

Update your bathroom efficiently and easily with shower and commode chairs. This popular addition can make shower and commode use easy again as it supports the body comfortably.

Track and lift systems

Lift systems are an superb solution for lifting and transferring a person with limited mobility, especially when there is limited space.

We Provide Free Consultations

Handicap bathrooms generally need more work than that required by small bathroom renovations. For this reason, we offer a free assessment upon our first visit in order to ensure we are familiar with your preferences and are able to move forward with the project in the smoothest manner possible. We emphasize clear communications to ensure we are on the same wavelength as far as your wants and needs, including but not limited to design options, bathroom remodel cost, project timeline, and estimated completion. With our zero-commitment consultation, you can check out your options pressure-free. If you seek professional, experienced remodeling contractors, contact us today to plan your first consultation!

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