Gold fixtures for your luxury bathroom remodel

Gold is the epitome of richness, glam, and class. You can never go wrong with a touch of gold, especially for your luxury bathroom remodel. Over the years, gold fixtures have been the leading decorative color in bath remodels in the local area, and for a good reason! Gold can instantly turn any room brighter and more glamorous, just like that!

Aside from adorning your fresh bathroom remodeling Des Plaines with gold fixtures, you can also add gold accents for that extra sparkle. This accentuates any neutral-colored bathroom without much effort. Add gold scones, mirrors, and bathroom hardware, and you got yourself a lavish bathroom still within a reasonable cost. All small things add up – and the same goes for the gold accents in your bathroom. You can take it up a notch and choose gold cabinet hardware and towel racks to complete the look and experience.

With gold plumbing, you can glamorize any room and rightfully so. Mix that all-marble shower and gold ornaments for a sophisticated finish. Go with gold for black interiors to score an edgy vibe. Whatever style speaks to you, the possibilities are endless. Even your tile highlights can be gold for that unexpected yet tasteful touch. Thinking of adding wallpaper to your bathroom? Go for it! Choose ones with gold linings to add allure to your luxury bathroom. Make a bold statement and give your guests an experience worth remembering.

If you are unsure how to add a gold accent to your bathroom, our expert bathroom remodeling contractors can always help you out. We can fill in those gaps for you and transform your bathroom without changing anything. We will make it subtle yet memorable to meet your design vision and make your bathroom multi-faceted as effortless as possible. We will show you different ways to incorporate gold fixtures to your bathroom without them costing a fortune. With our remodeling company, we will have you trying something new each time.