Washer dryer bathrooms

When space is at a premium, it’s worth making rooms in your home more flexible with the ability to function as multipurpose. One of these rooms is the laundry. Combining a laundry and bathroom makes sense. With today’s advancement in technology many laundry appliances such as washing machines and dryers are more compact and save space without any adverse impact on functionality or capacity. This means today’s laundry renovations may no longer need large floor spaces required in the past. But, how do you fit a shower, toilet, vanity, washing machine, dryer, sink, counter space and enough storage into a small space? With some planning and know-how you can easily design a laundry-bathroom renovation that saves space and seamlessly blends form and function. Combining these two areas of the home (bathroom and laundry) in a renovation takes some planning and skill. Our bathroom remodel company is here to help with all your home renovation requirements, and can provide laundry and bathroom solutions that optimize functionality.