Bathroom Remodeling for Teens: Tips and Ideas from Delta Remodeling

As your daughter transitions from a little girl to a teenager, her bathroom should reflect her changing tastes and styles. With a few small changes, you can create a modern powder room or a spa-like oasis that will make your teen feel comfortable and content. By putting in the effort to update her bathroom design, you can make it the perfect place for her to relax and get ready.

Upgrade the Vanity and Hang Modern Mirrors

The vanity is the centerpiece of any bathroom and its function is crucial in the bathroom. Considering the vast amount of towels, toiletries, and grooming products that teens use, it is important to think about how much storage and counter space is needed for them. When renovating your bathroom, it is essential to upgrade the vanity to accommodate your teen’s needs. Consider adding an extra sink if possible to increase the convenience and functionality of the bathroom. With these considerations, you can create a bathroom that your teen will love.

Our Latest Project

This bathroom is designed to provide ample space and functionality for teens. It features a chic, sophisticated makeup area with a sizable mirror, allowing them to primp up in the mornings or before a fun evening out with friends. Its elegant and simple design will be sure to inspire fashionistas and make them feel confident.

We understand that each teen is unique and our bathroom renovation experts are committed to designing a custom bathroom that fits your daughter’s personal style and personality.

New Fixtures

When it comes to updating your bathroom, switching out the vanity is just the beginning. You should also consider refreshing your tub and sink fixtures, as well as your shower head. There is an abundance of styles and finishes to choose from. Additionally, it’s worth investing in higher quality, leak-resistant fixtures.

Trays and Baskets = Organized

Investing in attractive trays and baskets can help bring a girl’s bathroom counter to life while also keeping it organized. A tray placed underneath a clock, a toothbrush holder, and a hand soap dispenser can unite these items, creating a pleasing aesthetic. Baskets can be used on countertops to display taller products or to partially conceal them. They can also be used in cabinets, on shelves and even on the floor.

Cabinet & Drawer Dividers

In addition to trays and baskets, cabinet and drawer dividers can be used to keep items organized in your teen’s bathroom. Clear plastic drawer organizers can be a great way to keep cotton swabs and lip gloss separate.

Swap the Shower Curtain

Shower curtains can make a big difference to the look of bathroom. Girls’ shower curtains are a great way to add texture, brightness, and style to your bathroom.

When organizing and designing your teenager’s bathroom, it’s important to stick with a certain theme to create a cohesive look. From countertop containers to the hardware for your drawers, ensure that everything follows the same theme.

At Delta Remodeling, we’re committed to helping you with your teen’s bathroom remodeling project. We aim to alleviate the stress of renovating and provide your teen with the bathroom of their dreams. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation where we can discuss any bathroom concerns you may have. Our goal is to transform your bathroom into a functional and trendy space that reflects your teen’s distinctive personality.