Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Luxurious

Are you looking for small bathroom ideas that will make the whole space luxurious? The lack of footage in your bathroom makes it challenging to decorate. But with the help of professional bathroom remodeling contractors, your small bathroom can look and feel luxurious.
DELTA Remodeling has listed some tips to make the most available space and prove that stylish and luxurious design can be right at home in even the tiniest rooms. Often, small bathrooms can have that spa-like feel. Our company has remodeling contractors with tons of experience designing small bathrooms to elicit that ultra-luxurious feel. Here are some of the best ways to turn your small bathroom into a more enjoyable, cozy, and elegant place.

Upgrade Your Vanity

One of the best ways to upgrade your vanity is to float and open it. It makes a small space look more prominent, and the open shelving looks luxurious and chic. Make sure to organize the things in the vanity and find some incredible pieces or little boxes to arrange your items.

Take Advantage of the Light

Any light you can filter into can make it feel more airy, open, and luxurious for a small bathroom. Get natural lights from windows and skylights. Installing dimmer lights is also a very effective way to soften the feel of any room. Having dimmer light can achieve spa-like feels. Another lighting you can use for an affordable price is the battery-powered- stick-on LED lights. Add some into the vanity, storage area, and even in ceilings.

Go For Glass

Consider adding a glass wall or glass shower enclosures. Go for the frameless for a stunning and more open space illusion that it creates.

Use a Big Mirror

A big mirror is a sure way to create the illusion of spaciousness. You can also add oversized artwork over a tub for a more luxurious look.

Paint your Walls or Tiles

White bathroom is always elegant and straightforward. Use neutral paint color for the tiles for a high-end bathroom style. Another color is gray. Gray is the modern go-to bathroom color. It’s easy to match and can keep your bathroom feeling warm. Create a spa vibe with monochromatic colors. Start with a soothing color and add lighter and darker shades of the color you choose, layering them for depth.

Add Little Touches

Get creative with small plants or wooden accents. Add a wooden bath tray, oil diffusers, patterned towels, vintage rugs, and candles.

Update Your Fixtures

Bath fixtures are the jewelry of a bathroom. Make sure to update them to maximize their functions and use them to bring a little glamour into your small bathroom. You can choose rose gold, copper, or matter black fixtures for an elegant look.

Add Storage

Display only your most favorite, well-designed, and frequently used items. The rest of the bottles and tubes should be inside the storage for a neat and clean look.

If you are ready to upgrade your small bathroom, contact Delta Remodeling. Our remodeling contractors can design a small bathroom to make it incredibly elegant, open, and a place you will love. We have many years of experience doing bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation. Don’t let a small space be a barrier to achieving a luxurious bathroom. We got all the tips and expert advice you will need. Give us a call today!