Pros of Heated Bathroom Floors

Uniform Heating
The best thing about heated bathroom floors is uniform heating. They heat both the floor and the entire bathroom, providing a comfortable ambient temperature.
HVAC units disperse warm air, but it can be uneven. If you stand near the HVAC unit, you may notice that it’s warmer than other areas of the room. With heated bathroom floors, there are no cold spots.

Energy Efficiency
Did you know that heated bathroom floors are 25% more energy-efficient than traditional HVAC units? You can even save extra costs depending on the type of floor heating system you choose. Electric floor heating systems take less than an hour to warm a bathroom.

Discreet, Space-Saving
With heated bathroom floors, you don’t need to mount large, hefty units on a wall. They’re tucked out of the way and don’t interfere with your design aesthetic.

Let’s face it, forced-air systems can be noisy. When you turn on your forced-air system, it’s probably not silent. Heated bathroom floors are not only discreet, but they’re noise-free too. And that means no distraction when you’re trying to relax.

These units are user-friendly. They come with thermostats that have adjustable temperature settings so you can create the perfect temperature.
On top of that, they have timers too. Welcome a new day by keeping your toes warm and cozy in the morning!

Heated bathroom floors are safe. They won’t burn your feet. Besides, you don’t have to worry about sharp corners or the searing surfaces of HVAC units.
Along with safety, you can ensure that it brings out good air quality too. This is a major plus for people who have asthma and other allergies.

An added benefit is that you’ll save money knowing your heated floors are maintenance-free. Once they’re installed, there’s no need to worry about maintenance schedules.

Higher Resale Value
Heated bathroom floors add value to your home, which increases its resale value too. Potential buyers love surprise luxury details.