A Guide to Planning Your Basement Remodel

Have you experienced changes in your home that have made you consider planning for a basement remodel project? If you and your family’s current space feels cramped you may want to consider adding more room by means of a basement remodel.

This unfinished area can prove to be essential for expanding your living space, without the need to move or continue to live in cramped conditions. Such an investment brings numerous benefits that positively affect the short and long-term state of your home and family members’ overall happiness.

What Goes Into a Basement Remodel?
Expert remodeling contractors have a detailed list of all the aspects that need to be considered while preparing and executing a proper basement remodeling plan. Besides the fun part of picking out the color pattern and decorations, things such as structural quality are of the utmost importance.
Your home’s unique needs can be met with the adequate design, plan and execution of such, which is made to fix exactly how you desire.  With Delta Remodeling, our list of key details we incorporate into our basement remodeling plans includes the following:

  • Set Various Goals:  Knowing the right direction you’re working is key before even starting. Are you aware how to get the exact basement design you imagine? How will the room be used and what is the right floor plan to achieve this? Are you looking for more room for pets, children or for adults? Once your goals are clearly set, the perfect floor plan can be created and the finished product will turn out exactly how you envisioned. It’s all about setting the right priorities.
  • Consider the Space: Exact measurements of the available square footage should be taken so that you  know where things can be placed, and what areas need to be adjusted. One should carefully consider these essential details so that time or money won’t be wasted once construction work begins. Installing a wet bar or a bathroom on existing plumbing saves money on having to add extra piping, for example.
  • Functional Details for Basement Renovations: A basement’s function and getting the best results out of it is the main reason why it’s redesigned. In order for it to properly function, sometimes columns need to be worked around, waterproofing elements installed, and the correct HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems in good working condition. The fun part such as picking out the color, material or design pattern is secondary but even more enjoyable.
  • Multi-Use Floor Plan: A multi-use space is ideal for maximizing your basement. Multiple bedrooms, a family room or a purposed storage space can all be executed with the right design. Endless possibilities await with the right remodeling contractor who brings your finished basement vision to life.

Common Mistakes
Delta Remodeling takes all the necessary steps and precautions to avoid some common mistakes that are found when the proper planning is not completed during the renovation project. Not every error is unavoidable, however the following common issues can be minimized by carefully handling the risks involved:

  • Water Issues: Construction should never take place over dampness. Since basements are prone to humidity, mold or rotting, it’s important to check for moisture concerns. Leaky window frames, water heaters or other hazards can be trapped within baseman walls or floors and should be quickly remedied.
  • Too Many Small Rooms: Having several small rooms can actually make your home feel confined and claustrophobic. Unfinished basements are the perfect area that provide lots of open space to  create a fully functional and comfortable living condition. A portion of the basement should remain open and even movable partitions such as sliding barn doors can be used to create multi-functional options.
  • Materials Selection: For areas found above ground, organic materials like wood subfloors and wooden studs are prime options for your home. However, they are not good for basements where moist or damp conditions are normally found. An expert remodeling contractor should assist in finding the right materials for your specific circumstances which need to hold up against water issues.
  • Ventilation Priorities: Basements are prone to humidity and are not as ventilated as other areas of your house. Therefore, air quality issues should be looked at by an expert. They can help choose an HVAC system offering good filtration and optimal air quality. Options that carry dehumidifying features can draw out excess moisture which helps prevent mold and rotting. Radon mitigation systems include added protection for you and your family’s health.
  • Improper Lighting: Being that basements are found beneath the ground, they present specific challenges when attempting to bring in as much natural light as possible.  Good lighting should never be overlooked. Careful planning should include installation of quality electrical lighting, brightening up your room into an inviting area to enjoy. There is no need for your basement to remain dungeon-like. We help you find the best additions.
  • Poor Soundproofing: Soundproofing and good insulation are key to creating a relaxing environment free from hearing footsteps. A professional will be able to isolate noise away from the basement with great solutions that will allow you to be as loud as you want downstais without bothering the persons upstairs.

Delta Remodeling takes all the necessary measures to ensure your project is a success. Details such as building codes and permits, as well as any other necessary documentation will be handled by our construction team before operating. The success of your project and satisfaction with it’s outcome is what our team strive’s to avhieve.

Know Your Budget Before You Start
Price is a considerable factor that depends on square footage, the exact work that needs to be done, wheter refurbishings or replacements are needed, and if the structure needs to be upgraded or entirely finished. Do you have a budget or price range for the completion of a basement remodeling?
Budget is a determining factor as to how creative or allowing of your ideas you can get. If you plan for a basement remodel that is too expensive, the price tag may hinder you from getting exactly what you have brainstormed.
Are you sure of the exact amount that you can afford to spend? How will the project be financed? It’s worth considering such factors when planning a budget, if you are going to use your savings, take out a home equity line of credit or remortgaging of the home to pay for renovation work. Working out the financial aspect from the initiqal phase allows for the right remodling contractors to be hired and the right materials chosen for the basement renovations.
To make your new basement ready to use and complete, consider the other costs associated with renovations besides light installation, wall painting, and flooring work.  Finding the right furniture and other details creates a perfectly balanced basement that fits your lifestyle. Don’t forget to take into consideration add-ons like a wet bar, pool table or other fun features that add to your basemtns; funtionality.

Contact a Trusted Remodeling Contractor
Feel free to contact Delta Remodleing to have all of your questions answered regardnig the best plas for a basement remodel. We will continue to dedicate our years of industry expertise and offering yo quality service thats personalized for you and your family.
With the careful consideration of your basement renovation needs we will set the right goals that will achieve the added value you are looking for that’s worth your investment on a home makeover. Once you schedule an evaluation with our trusted basement remodeling company, we can start planning your basement remodel.
Delta Remodeling does not rely on high-pressure sales strategies, since we are founded on fostering an environment built on trust and support where all of the availbale options are presented to you so an informed decision can be made.   We only move forward with the project once all details have been laid out and your projects budget and schedule are solidified. . Our team is ready to move forward with the project on your timeline, accommodating your schedule and goals for basement renovations and other home remodeling projects. Call us for all your basement renovations and any additional home remodeling projects.