Luxury Master Bathroom Ideas for Bathroom Makeovers

Luxurious master bathrooms not only provide comfort in our daily lives but make us feel good every time we enter the space. If you are planning a simple makeover or a bathroom remodel, take the time to consider some design options.
A luxury bathroom reduces stress levels and helps you to unwind after a long day. It is a space in which you want to spend some me-time to pamper yourself, surrounded by comfort and luxury. A luxury master bathroom is so much more than just a practical space to shower.

Adding some luxury elements to your master bathroom is easily achieved, especially when incorporating these ideas with your bathroom remodeling design plans. Let us inspire you to create your own personal luxury bathroom by providing some helpful bathroom ideas. These ideas apply to all styles of décor, from the minimalist, soothing design through to a more colorful and bold design. Keep reading to find out more about creating the bathroom of your dream.

1.       Focus on the lighting
Excellent lighting forms a very important part of a master bathroom design. Lighting should not only be viewed only as a practical necessity, but rather as a part of the overall design of your bathroom. The lighting and fittings have the ability to influence your bathroom’s ambience, so choose wisely when planning your bathroom renovations. Soft light is ideal for creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.
To take some inspiration from some of the top luxurious master bathrooms by considering adding a chandelier. Choose a glamorous, yet modern design to add the wow-factor to your master bathroom.

2.       Choose matte
You want your master bathroom to exude elegance, yet still belong in this era. Speak to the bathroom contractors about ideas to include a touch of matte in the finishing of your bathroom. This will give your bathroom a luxury feel but with a modern edge. Make a statement with matte black taps or add an interesting and edgy element to your bathroom with matte tiles.

3.       Install a luxury tub
A luxury bath is a must if you enjoy leisurely soaks. Create a focal point in your bathroom with a modern design tub that includes water jets. The Deep Freestanding Bath by Paco Jaanson is one such example you can choose but beware, you may never want to get out! You can also look at the beautiful designs of Forme for more inspiration.
DELTA Remodeling can assist you with choosing the right tub to suit your taste. We will source any tub of your choosing so you can transform your master bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

4.       Seating
Adding seating options to your master bathroom certainly makes a luxury statement. Not only is this practical but also adds that luxury element to the space. For simpler morning routines, add a chair to your vanity. For true luxury, add a beautiful ottoman. You can use seating to bring in an accent color which will add a little contrast and unique flair.

5.       The power of the mirror
It can be challenging to decide on how to decorate the master bathroom walls. Why not transform a standard bathroom item into a magnificent art piece? Mirrors are essential features in any bathroom but to create an additional layer of aesthetic appeal, choose one that is large, elaborate, framed and fancy. It has an added advantage in that it will make your bathroom appear more spacious.

6.       Luxury showers
It’s not only the tubs that have various beautiful and luxurious options to choose from. Showers have come a long way and you now have a myriad of options to choose from. Discuss the available options with your bathroom remodeling contractors. Showers can provide the ideal touch of indulgence to bathroom makeovers and should never be
overlooked. Installing a different showerhead can make all the difference not just in your
shower experience, but also in the overall appearance of your bathroom. Invest in a waterfall showerhead for the ultimate in luxury. Consider a square showerhead for a more distinctive
and modern look.

The showerhead can be just the start to your master bathroom makeover. Consider surrounding yourself with modern tiles or stone, adding additional jets or opt for a shower that can double as a sauna. Create a private outdoor nature section adjacent to your bathroom if it is situated on the ground floor. Combine this with a large window to really bring the outdoors into your personal space.
You will find yourself spending a lot of time in your master bathroom if you use any of these bathroom ideas.
Whatever type of bathroom you want, make sure to get in touch with DELTA Remodeling. We keep the bathroom remodeling process simple and make sure that you have full creative control over the design.

DELTA Remodeling can assist by offering ideas, sourcing the products, and ensuring a stress-free bathroom remodeling process. We take care of the project from beginning to end, taking full responsibility for all the work required. As professional and experienced remodeling contractors, this would also include the clean-up process.
DELTA Remodeling can expertly include any of the luxury items you may want as part of your dream master bathroom. Let the team at DELTA Remodeling assist you in creating a luxurious bathroom that is done properly right from the start. Get in touch with us right away to discuss how we may be of service to you.