Shower Conversion in Hall Bathroom

Your family could outgrow several features of your house as time passes. Consider a restroom found in a hallway. Many of our clients inquire, “Should I convert my hall bathroom’s tub to a shower only because we seldom take baths there and always take showers instead? And how will it impact the value at resale? There are numerous factors to take into account, yet there is no clear solution to this topic.

What Matters Most To You?
When clients ask questions, we might answer them incorrectly because we don’t know what they want or need. What is the budget, have you considered functionality, and is safety a top priority? Is resale value important? All of these are wise things to think about in this circumstance.

What Role Does a Bathtub Play in Resale Value?
The hall bathroom is often regarded as the kids’ bathroom and need should always feature a bathtub in terms of resale value. The value of the home would undoubtedly suffer if the bathtub were turned into a shower-only. The tub for the kids would be necessary if you were to sell your home to a family.

It costs a lot more money to convert a bathtub to a shower than it does to just update your present setup. Your tub’s drain and water pipes would need to be changed if you wanted to turn it into a shower. Additionally, your present tub may have a shower curtain rod or sliding glass doors, while a shower would need a pair of glass sliding doors. Replacing your present tub with one that has a more contemporary style and feels might be a less costly option to think about for a bathroom remodel. With all things considered, we would advise proceeding with the conversion in circumstances where money is not the primary worry.

Customers often say, “The kids are older and no one ever bathes they always shower, so why not just make it a shower,” when I ask them why they want to convert their bathtub to a shower only. I acknowledge this, but I go on to inform them that a tub is just a shower base with a tall stepover, even if you never use it as one. Replacing an old tub with a new one would be far less costly than turning your bathtub into a shower-only bathroom. Additionally, by replacing your old tub with a new tub, you may still enjoy a relaxing bubble bath!

Safety Issues
We may discover that the primary issue is safety. We’ve heard things like, “The kids are grown and gone, and I often use the hall bathroom as a shower, but I have a hard time going in and out, and I worry about sliding.” You have a good reason to convert a bathtub to a shower when convenience and safety are more important than resale value.
Our largest safety issue as we become older is falling, and falls happen most often in the restroom. As individuals age, they continue to live in their houses more and more; this practice is known as “aging in place”. It is safer and simpler to use a shower with a low stepover and safety grab bars than a bathtub. In the event that standing becomes difficult as one age, a shower may additionally contain a corner bench and a hand-held shower head.

Do You Know Why or Do You Need Some Help? Reach out to us now
Therefore, the reason why is the most crucial factor to take into account when talking about a tub-to-shower conversion. When considering a tub-to-shower conversion, there are no right or wrong answers—just things to take into account. To begin bathroom renovations, get in touch with our bathroom remodeling contractors right now.