Practical Tips for Accessible Bathroom Designs

Living with mobility limitations can be challenging in a variety of situations. Life for people that suffer from disabilities can be negatively impacted by an inaccessible bathroom. Even in instances where restrooms are intended to cater for and enhance the experience of the mobility challenged individual, they frequently have a clinical and institutional atmosphere. This is not the type of design you would want in your home. By providing a solution that is tailored to the needs of the user, an accessible bathroom remodel can significantly improve their quality of life at home.

An accessible bathroom design is not only advantageous to those who require more assistance, but it is also legally required in any public or commercial property. Accessible bathroom requirements and standards may vary depending on several factors. If you own this type of property, be sure to consult with bathroom contractors to find out what exact requirements your property needs to comply with.

How To Design and Plan for Your Disabled Bathroom Renovations
The requirements of people with a handicap may differ from person to person, therefore their unique requirements need to form part of the design plan. Depending on the individual and the available bathroom space, different design considerations and modifications may be needed. It’s crucial to take any building code requirements into account while weighing your options. DELTA Remodeling is a certified and qualified bathroom remodeling company. We can give you advice on various accessible bathroom designs and modifications, whilst adhering to all applicable building codes.

Toilets and Accessories
One of the most important aspects of the bathroom renovations design process is to make sure that all fixtures, handles and the toilet are installed at the proper height and easy to reach. Sinks and other surfaces ought to be placed at a comfortable height for wheelchair accessibility and for easy access without strain. Accessible toilets are often suspended with a special seat design. A tilting mechanism can also be added, if required, for ease of use.

Tubs & Showers
There are numerous designs and types of adaptive bathtubs and showers. The main distinction is that they are roomier to be able to cater for modifications such as a shower chair or grab rails. The extra space is also required for ease of movement. A standard high tub is not ideal for people with mobility issues due to difficulties with getting in and out. The better option is to look at alternative tubs with a low-level design or a walk-in or seated tub.

When it comes to accessible bathroom makeovers there is something that they all share, and this is ample space for maneuvering and easy access to fixtures. You can create extra valuable space by minimizing storage options, adding sliding doors and making other modifications like slim-line radiators.

Advantages of Working with a Registered NDIS Provider
The national, Australia-wide program aims to provide persons with disabilities with the assistance and support they require. You may be eligible for assistance and support for your accessible bathroom remodel if you work via the NDIS program with a registered and approved NDIS provider. To determine the needs and requirements that fall within the program, an evaluation will be done. Working with a NDIS licensed provider means that the bathroom remodeling is done in accordance with all the applicable laws, rules and building codes. Furthermore, it will help you to gain access to the support that you may qualify for.

Accessible Bathroom Makeovers with DELTA Remodeling
As bathroom remodeling contractors, DELTA Remodeling provides top quality and professional bathroom renovations for your home and business. We have an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges that people with mobility impairments face daily. Through this knowledge we provide accessible bathroom solutions that are both practical and beautiful. We put our customers first and make sure that their unique requirements are incorporated in the bathroom remodel design. We adhere to the most recent industry standards, make use of quality materials, and deliver workmanship excellence. For a bathroom that is both durable and stylish, get in touch with the friendly team at DELTA Remodeling today.