Create a Home Spa

Create a Home Spa with Our Spa Bathroom Remodeling Services | DELTA Remodeling Experts - Luxury Bathroom Remodeling & Fancy Bathroom Renovations

Modern bathroom designs are more than just a practical space to shower and brush your teeth.
Bathroom designs have elevated to the ranks of kitchens and other home living spaces throughout the years, from style to functionalities to materials. Many bathroom remodeling incorporates furniture-style cabinetry, glamorous lighting designs, and natural materials. Bathroom remodeling contractors also create a relaxing haven in the home where you can unwind in the bath, chill out in a steam shower, or take your time getting ready at a custom makeup vanity.

It has been a long time in the past where a combination tub/shower style is done. If space allows in your bathroom remodel, install a larger shower, complete with a built-in bench. Add plenty of recessed storage to hold your toiletries and keep the shower floor clear. Textured tiles or a pebble shower floor add a therapeutic effect and are ideal for a slip-resistant surface. You can even go to the next level by installing a fully enclosed steam shower, which offers substantial health benefits and is incredibly soothing. Or, explore the opposite end of the spectrum by creating an open shower design with a large rainfall showerhead. Adding organic materials like river rocks and opening your shower to the elements creates a natural oasis in your bathroom design. Complement this with other natural elements like stone or wood flooring or accessories. We are one of the remodeling companies in the area that will provide you with a bathroom within your preferences, needs, and style.

With your bathroom renovations, ensure that you include a floating shelf or recessed niche in an adjacent wall, so you can access toiletries like your favorite scented soap and have a place to light an aromatherapy candle or essential oil burner.

Sometimes you go to a spa to unwind and escape from the clutter and chaos of everyday life. However, you can capture some of those simple pleasures in your home, especially when you have a bathroom remodeling done. You can start by including customized storage in your bathroom remodel so your space is always cluttered free, and you find everything you need. Add storage accessories to your vanity cabinet that allow you to organize every jar of makeup, a tube of toothpaste, and shampoo bottle—no need to have a cluttered bathroom anymore.

Trust our bathroom contractors to turn your ideas into reality and make sure that your dream bathroom comes true!