Living Room Remodeling

Has your living room stopped giving you all the feels?
How about a living room renovation?!

The North Shores’ historic homes rarely include the entertainment rooms or living rooms required or wanted by today’s families.  These spacestend to feel dark, cramped, and somehow off.  It might be hard to believe but such a space can be converted into your ideal entertaining space with some living room remodeling. With assistance from Godfrey Design-Build, living room remodeling Lake Forest residents require is easy, providing you with a space that meets your expectations.  No matter if you seek an open, wide space in which you can watch the big game or entertain or you would like a cozy space in which to play games with your family, the sky’s the limit.

As a leading living room renovation company in Lake Forest, we can offer you a variety of services:

  • Floor plan designs that are open and modern
  • Window installations to make the most of natural light
  • Create your ideal entertainment space by manipulating your current floor plan or putting an addition on your home
  • Creation of custom lighting solutions
  • Incorporation of preferred luxury features

We will build it if you can dream it.

Our Design-Build Process for Living Room Remodeling Lake Forest Residents Prefer

Are you a budgeting and logistics pro? How many years do you have construction experience? Are you able to juggle numerous tasks simultaneously?
For many years, this was the only way to carry out living room remodeling in Lake Forest. Home remodeling was traditionally super complicated.
This is no longer true.  We handle things in a different way. 

Godfrey Design-Build takes care of your entire project from beginning to end. A single crew working flawlessly with no finger-pointing, confusion, or delays. We maintain open communications with you in order to help you rest assured your project is progressing properly.  In the near future, you’ll be enjoying a Bears game from the couch, enjoying your brand new living room renovation.

What to Expect

Would you like to create your ideal family room or entertainment room or family room? This may seem like a bit much, particularly if you are uncertain about where to begin. In many cases, standard living room remodeling in Lake Forest can often go so backward that homeowners promise to never again take on home improvement projects. However, we are not referring to standard remodeling — this is design-build.

The process we utilize turns remodeling into a fun experience.

When we work on a design-build remodeling project for a family room, our crew:

1. Management of the whole project from start to finish

2. Collaboration with you throughout each design and construction stage

3. Developing a comprehension of your budget, timeline, and vision

4. Gathering together a qualified team of skilled tradespeople, every on with their own specific responsibilities

5. Scheduling of work and maintaining deadlines for each project phase

6. Anticipates potential issues and makes solutions that are creative

7. Obtaining any and all required permits

Are you considering taking on a living room remodeling project?

As a reliable living room renovation company in Lake Forest, we are prepared to plan and design
your living room then build it to perfection for you and your family.


Most of a busy household’s activity tends to take place in the living room. As your home’s central space, this serves for both active moments and relaxation as well. A living room may also be used for entertaining guests and hosting parties. Due to its varied uses, a living room must serve multiple functions. As far as styling goes, the aesthetic should be a reflection of your personal tastes while simultaneously being inviting and comfortable.

Is a living room renovation costly?

We need specific details regarding the scope and size of your project prior to providing cost estimates.  However, you should know that our clients often feel that their remodeling project is not nearly expensive as they expected originally.  Our familiarity with this process allows us to help you save money during your project in a variety of ways.  We frequently encounter different manners in which money can be saved during your project’s lifespan. We tend to suggest options that are more budget-friendly than their higher end alternatives without sacrificing style in any way.

While the work is being done, will it majorly disrupt our routine household life?

Although some disruptions are inevitable during a living room remodeling project, we seek to minimize these annoyances as best we can.  Our crew is well aware that we are working within your home and that you prefer to carry your normally scheduled routine.

What is the normal time frame for any living room remodeling project?

Your living room remodeling project’s specific schedule will vary based on the exact details that are involved. Once we have met to go over your plans, we will be able to provide you with an estimated timeline. Rest assured completing projects quickly and adhering to the schedule is our priority.  We are meticulous during project planning to ensure they are finished in a swift, efficient manner, with the crew collaborating in order to avoid an infinite number of individual tasks.

Are you able to make a living room that feels cramped feel more spacious?

Although the potential options will vary based on the space’s specifics, there are various manners in which a den or small living room can be enhanced or expanded.  For instance, we might be able to open your living room up to a neighboring room in order to provide a floor plan that is more spacious and open.  In certain circumstances, it may be an even better idea to add another room on.


We seek to provide your family with a new living room space that is both functional and comfortable. No single living room design will be a standard fit for all households as no two homes are alike. We will tailor a living room plan design specifically for you. We know living room remodeling cannot be approached in a cookie cutter way.


Upon contacting us living room remodeling in Lake Forest, rest assured you will receive:

with a member of our expert living room design team


draft of your tailored living room design


of the ideas and vision for your project in living room remodeling


outlining timeline and cost for construction and installation